Steven Wisneski RHU, LHIC


The Fundamental Premise:

  • Employee benefits are the second largest overhead expense, after payroll.
  • Labor costs are based on payroll and benefit premiums.  
  • Benefit premiums are based on enrollment.  
  • Enrollment seldom matches reality.  
  • Employment is a moving target

“We can’t manage what we can’t measure”  
Peter Drucker

The Challenge:

Many group benefit plans including Health, Dental, Vision Life, short term disability and long term disability contracts offer “self administered” enrollment and billing, meaning the insurance company is relying on your staff for accuracy.  These premiums are based on a variety of information including employees’ age, location and often annual income.

In today’s economy employee turnover is inevitable.  Employees come and go on almost a daily basis, and so do their dependents.  Keeping production and administration properly staffed is a constant struggle.  Finding the right talent with the proper knowledge, skills and abilities makes hiring even more difficult.  Compound that with evolving attitudes towards (and expectations of) employers and your Human Resource professionals have their hands full just trying to keep the positions filled.

The scenario described above creates an optimal environment for overlooking a very significant expense that if captured, would be returned directly to your bottom line.  Proper benefits enrollment falls to the backburner and is easily overlooked, and yet can be a significant cost of doing business.

Our Services :

Proper Enrollment and Premium Calculation
Measurables and Metrics
Executive Summary
Tools for best practices
Clear Concise Reporting
Recommendations and Advice
Sources for compliance solutions

We analyze benefits invoices to ensure premium vs. enrollment.

We analyze benefits contracts to determine if premiums are being calculated according to contract rates.

We provide calculation worksheets designed specifically to your business, employment base, and benefit contracts, to assist in proper premium calculation.

We provide graphic analytics to quantify utilization and cost.