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Protect your Organization 

                 Protect your Employees


                          Be Pro-active

                            Follow Best Practices


Protect your employer:

Today the average cost to insure a person under a group health plan is $6,000 per year.  On average, an employee will have 2 dependents enrolled in a health plan.  If an employer has 50 employees, they most likely have 100 dependents on their plan.  

A recent Princeton University study indicated the percentage of ineligible dependents enrolled in employee health plans to be approximately 10%.

If 10% are ineligible, for any reason, that is a $60,000 annual expense to the employer that is unnecessary and the savings would go directly to the bottom line of your financial statement. 


Protect your employees:

The objective is to protect dependents and provide resources to make sure they are correctly insured.  Removing people from your plans who are not eligible to participate and for whom the insurance company will not (or should not) pay claims is a "best practice" for employers, employees, and their dependents.

Typically, these ineligible dependents (on your benefit plan invoice) are not discovered until a large claim occurs and gets denied.  Protecting employees and their dependents from insurance fraud, waste, and abuse saves them from financial harm, possible prosecution, and even prison terms of up to 4 years.


Other benefit plans are affected also.  Dental, Vision, Group Life and Disability plans, Voluntary Benefit Plans, and more.


Be Pro-Active :

An independent auditor working for you protects your interests:

An audit of your benefit plans by Independent Benefit Auditing, LLC is a pro-active strategy that could result in significant annual savings.  Insurers rely on employers to correctly enroll employees and their eligible dependents.  The expense of incorrectly paid large claims has the potential to come back onto the employer, or their employees if they are responsible.  Insurers do not refund premiums for errors made by employers.

Our fee is a percentage of annual savings.  Our services will allow you to realize a return on investment within months.  There is no cost to you if no savings are found.


Follow Best Practices :

Consider Independent Benefit Auditing, LLC as your resource for auditing, premium calculation, concise reporting, best practices, recommendations and advice.